Enhance your memory with Vistek Exclusive Acumem Memory Cards

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acumem memory cards

Acumem memory cards

Acumem is the new kid on the high-end memory cards block that’s exclusively available from Vistek.

They have the same exemplary quality and endure the same testing standards as their higher-priced counterparts, but they don’t share the same sticker shock. AND – on top of a lifetime warranty for the card, itself – you can archive your images (the number of images varies based on which card you own) for up to 30 years. The card actually comes  pre-loaded with software to connect you to the Swiss Picture Bank site, where your archived images are kept. Sweet!

Varying formats and sizes are available:

  • CF Pro in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB & 16GB with transfer speeds up to 35MB sec
  • CF Platinum in 4GB & 8GB with transfer speeds up to 50MB sec
  • SDHC Pro in 4GB, 8GB & 16GB – Class 6
  • SDHC Platium  in 8GB & 16GB – Class 6
  • SDHC Video HD in 8GB(120min.) & 16GB(240min.) – Class 6
  • SD in 1GB & 2GB with transfer speeds up to 20Mbs