One Tough RAID: Luminous Landscape Looks at WiebeTech

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Luminous Landscape has just posted a great review of the WiebeTech ToughTech Duo QR.

It’s a cliche, but one worth repeating – “The question isn’t whether a hard drive will fail, only when”. Never had a drive failure? You’re lucky, because eventually it happens to everyone. And if you don’t have a backup of your files, you’re SOL (Sh– Out of Luck).

In the office or studio back-ups can be straightforward. Apple has Time Machine, and there are a variety of backup programs for Windows and Macs that will make sure that your files are in more than one place. A RAID system is highly recommended, because depending on how it’s configured, it can simultaneously write to two drives at the same time. In the event that one fails, you have a backup, and the second drive’s data can be automatically rebuilt when a new drive is installed. This is called RAID 1. You can find out more about the different flavours of RAID here..

Check out the rest of Luminous Landscapes’ review HERE.


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