Top Five Reasons You Should Own G-Technology Storage

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If, by the year 2013, you’ve managed to escape losing a file on your computer it’s safe to say you’re among the minority. And if your day-to-day involves hundreds and hundreds of files, that can certainly translate into disaster.

We’ve all heard IT pros tell us to “back up your work!”… but how many of us actually do? Well, if you’re not (backing up your work, that is) – you really are risking lost hours AND revenue.

Not sure where to start? G-Technology is a great place to look. They provide powerful storage solutions for creative professionals who use HD video, graphic design, audio files, still images and, really, any of your digital files.


So… why G-Technology?

  1. A 3-year warranty on ALL their products
  2. It’s storage designed specifically for the content creation professional
  3. Protection from the number one enemy to data: heat; heat-sinks and smart fans make G-technology drives the coolest-running in the industry
  4. Light-weight, durable all-aluminum enclosures
  5. All of the above combined mean you get a drive with one of the lowest failure rates in the industry

Save yourself the heartache (and headache) of lost files and invest in yourself. From G-CONNECT and G-DRIVE to G-RAID and G-SPEED (each in various configurations) there’s a solution for every need. Check out this handy comparison chart to find the perfect choice for you!