10 Tips on How to Create the Perfect Audition Self-Tape

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Ready for your close-up? Long before you ever step in front of a live camera on-set, you’ll probably be called upon to submit an audition self-tape to a casting director like Shasta Lutz, CDC.

Shasta is one of Canada’s top casting directors, so she know a thing or two about what to include in a self-tape when you get the call and your moment to shine arrives.

In the video below, Shasta shares her top 10 tips for creating a self-tape that will get you noticed and help you to (hopefully) get the role you’re dreaming of.

If you’re looking to step up your audition game, we’ve put together a comprehensive Audition Self-Tape Gear Buying Guide filled with items designed to help you present yourself in the best possible light (and sound).

Also published on Medium.