Digital Camera Buying Guide – Extra Features

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Extra Features… More things to consider

Movie Mode

Most digital cameras have a movie function built into the camera. A common video size is 640×480 at 30 frames per second, lower resolution than DVD quality. However, this handy feature allows you to take impromptu video of family and friends and distribute them on a website or through email. Many of these cameras have a microphone that allows you to record sound as well.

Continuous Drive

With fast moving objects, it is sometimes ideal to take multiple frames in rapid succession to capture the exact moment desired.  The continuous drive of a camera determines how many pictures it is capable of taking in a given second.  For instance, a camera with a 1.7 fps continuous drive can shoot 1.7 photographs per second. This feature is great for sports or for capturing a special moment such as a baby’s first step.

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Macro Focusing

For extreme close ups or detailed photography, see how close you can get to an object before the focus becomes blurry. Some cameras allow you to close in to just 1mm from the object while others require at least 100mm This macro ability is excellent for capturing small objects like insects, coins and flowers.
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Underwater and Anti-Freezing Construction

Compact Digital Buying Guide Page 3 - Extra Features 2Electronics are susceptible to water damage and may not function in extremely cold weather. But there are new technologies in consumer digital cameras to accommodate these conditions.  People who enjoy taking vacation photographs on beaches or in snow can enjoy the benefits of these climate accommodating cameras.  These cameras are made of durable materials and perfectly sealed against water.  While snowboarding, you don’t have to worry about falling snow on your camera or the cold weather. And you can capture some very cool images under water.