Focal Point – Thursday, Dec. 1

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Welcome to the first day of the final month of the year!

Photo Fabulousness —

What a Face!

What a Face! by Joel Brochu
What looks like an image of a beagle is actually a high definition photograph of a 4’ by 1 ½’ board covered in 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles. At a distance of 16 feet, the sprinkles blur, tricking the human eye into believing that it is looking at a large photograph. Only when you closely examine the work do you realize that it has been created entirely with tiny spheres of candy. Taking 8 months to complete, only 6 colors were used. CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos has a bit of background posted as his Awesome Thing of the Day for November 30.

Bloggy Goodness

NPR’s The Picture Show was named top pick in’s 2011 Photo Blog Awards – and with good reason.  Sometimes serious (portraits taken in Italy’s triangle of death), sometimes playful (fire ants that float!), NPR’s The Picture Show is like a curious friend with big-time resources. You never know what you’re going to find on The Picture Show – and that’s meant as the highest compliment. The curators look around and ask questions: Why did that Cindy Sherman picture sell for almost $4 million? Who’s behind those photos of exploding potatoes? What does the inside of Antarctica’s Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory look like? (For the record, eerie and amazing.) The generous allotment of photos and text often comes with video and links to NPR stories. If you’re stuck eating lunch at your desk, you will have no better companion than The Picture Show.

Video Virtuosity

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.