Focal Point: Friday, Nov. 30

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Photo Fabulousness —


Panoramic by Vito Maruottolo (click to view this larger!)

Online Awesomeness/Bloggy Goodness

EOSHD is a blog, by Andrew Reid, with DSLR video and digital filmmaking features reviews, news & tips and techniques. EOSHD covers Canon, Panasonic, Sony and all other brands of DSLR with a mission to grow the DSLR community, to give budding filmmakers a voice and a presence, to change the film industry and push manufacturers of consumer electronics into catering for filmmakers with cutting edge technology, and to provide a useful resource for DSLR shooters.

Video Virtuosity

Vistek recently sponsored the 48-hour Film Project (Toronto) and this is the trailer for Disconnected by THE GRAND SARACHI’s. Taking honours for Best Film, Best Use of Line, and Best Musical Score, Disconnected will be moving on to Filmapalooza — the 2012 festival finale, featuring the best 48-hour Film Project films of 2012. Filmapalooza takes place in Hollywood, March 7 – 10, 2013.

DISCONNECT Trailer – The Grand Sarachis – 48 Hour Film Project Toronto 2012 from The Grand Sarachis on Vimeo.