Focal Point – Friday, Jan. 20

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Photo Fabulousness —

Singles Scene
Singles Scene by lynn.h.armstrong

Online Awesomeness

The Digital Visual started with the goal to create emotional experiences through the visual mediums of film and photography as well as educate and inform by way of a comprehensive blog detailing industry news and views. This site is geared around the aspiring digital visual maker and the growing community of independent creatives. Freelance filmmaker, photographer, cinematographer, and CAD designer Manuel Calle created The Digital Visual in order to showcase personal projects as well as connect with the thriving film and photography community.

Video Virtuosity

A young woman living in Los Angeles named Madeline did a 365 day project that’s a bit different than most: instead of taking a picture a day, she decided to document each day with roughly one second of footage. At the conclusion of 2011, she combined all 365 video clips into this beautiful 7-minute-long video that offers a glimpse into what her year was like.

2011 from hey_rabbit on Vimeo.