Focal Point: Friday, Feb. 22 – the art of Pinhole photography

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Every once in a while we stumble upon something SO cool that we have to share in a big way! That particular something, in this case, is actually a someone: photographer, teacher, lecturer and DIYer,  Justin Quinnell.

Quinnell’s love of – and creativity with – pinhole photography is something that crossed our radar when a post on reddit featured his outstanding 6-month exposure using a beer can pinhole camera (yes, really, a pinhole camera made out of a beer can – check out how you can build one yourself!)

His gallery, Mouthpiece, features his own unique mouth photography captured with a hand-made SmileyCam  – built from a 110 film with a handmade pinhole plate fixed onto the front.  Another, titled Slowlight, features images taken during a six-month period stretching from the winter solstice of 2007 to the summer solstice of 2008. In addition, Black & White as well as Colour pinhole photos can be seen on his website.

In addition to his public talks and workshops in the UK, Quinnell will be coming to the States for a few speaking engagements this May and June. Dates can be found on his website. And, if you’re not lucky enough to be near one of the cities in which he’ll be appearing, check out his How to do Stuff page. That and a quick trip to your local hardware store should keep you busy for days!