Focal Point – Friday, Feb. 24

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Photo Fabulousness —

Skull by Macbet666

Bloggy Goodness

Photographer, Theron Humphrey, is out on the road travelling the USA on his own unique 365 Project.  In the process, he also happens to be putting his Coonhound, Maddie, on things (hence the name of his blog: Maddie On Things) to photograph her fabulous posturing. We get to enjoy the results of his super-serious project about dogs and physics. 😉

Video Virtuosity

This video is a part of a pinhole movie project ( based on the principle of the Camera Obscura. An apartment is completely darkened. A hole is made in a window, letting lights from outside seep in, while projections are taking place everywhere inside. And is always looking for amazing places in order to continue its visual work. Why not be part of this fantastic project? from Romain A on Vimeo.