Focal Point – Friday, Nov. 11

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Photo Fabulousness —

Painting Toronto Planet On An Autumn Day
Painting Toronto Planet On An Autumn Day
By Katrin Shumakov

Bloggy Goodness ——

Pixiq is an online community where the world’s top professional photographers, bloggers, and technical experts can engage fellow image enthusiasts in a dynamic and ongoing discourse about all things photographic. The site is a fantastic resource, chock full of tips, tricks, tutorials and image galleries to inspire photographers of all stripes. And, if you were thinking of entering Vistek’s recently-launched photo contest, you might want to check out their fantastic blog post: How to Win Photography Competitions.

Video Virtuosity

11/11/11 marks a number of occasions: Veterans/Remembrance Day being the big one. But it’s also a palindrome date (and the last one for quite some time) which makes it an easy one to remember. That’s why the organizers of One Day on Earth chose it for their incredible project that creates a picture of humanity by recording a 24-hour period throughout every country in the world. Check out this stunning trailer.