Focal Point – Friday December 20, 2013 – Portraits

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This world is incredibly diverse – full of places, people and things that bewilder us. And so there are also photographers as diverse as that subject matter. Many of them agree that among the most challenging types of photography to master is the art of the portrait.  Being technically competent simply isn’t enough, because for a portrait to really speak to its viewer, it must bring the personality of its subject to the forefront.

To do this effectively you have to give as much as you get. And with the fusion of video the portrait can be taken to new levels, adding sound and movement to the foundation that is a great image, the subject’s personality and the photographer’s signature style.  Today we visit a few examples of portrait photography brimming with personality and style.

Photo Fabulousness ——

IMG_1726 by ian Pettigrew via Vistek’s Photo and Video Pool on Flickr

Online Awesomeness ——

Toddler Henry Shakyaver comes up with his own poses and then asks his nanny, and Toronto wedding and portrait photographer Alex Neary to imitate them; the result is a charmingly adorable photo series called Henry’s Concepts.

Video Virtuosity ——

Colin Mochrie from Edward Gajdel on Vimeo.

This nonlinear portrait ™ of the great Canadian improv comedian Colin Mochrie exceeds the self imposed 2 minute framework that the previous 6 have adhered to. After much cutting and recutting I found it difficult to contain this one to the 2 minute mark. I guess this is part of its evolution.