Focal Point: Friday October 25, 2013

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Photo Fabulousness ——


Online Awesomeness ——

Sadly, not every photo gallery out there tells a feel-good story. In The Ruins of Detroit, scenes of long abandoned places remind us of a once-great metropolis in tatters. Economic collapse, joblessness and a shifting planet have changed Detroit’s landscape and not for the better. The photos capture the stark loneliness of these places while letting us imagine a function and greatness that was far too long ago.

Video Virtuosity ——

But then there was hope! Lemonade: Detroit is a different sort of story. While the internet is full of images of Detroit’s despair and decay, there are those who are fighting (and indeed succeeding) to overcome those elements. Where others frame Detroit’s decay and rust, Lemonade: Detroit throws splash after splash of colour in a poignant, captivating tale of hope, beauty and triumph.

You can Watch the full 17 minute short here:

“Lemonade: Detroit” 17-minute short from Erik Proulx on Vimeo.