Focal Point: Friday, September 7

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In honour of the first-ever Internet Cat Video Festival (yes, it’s a real thing!) we give you this week’s Focal Point dedicated entirely to… CATS.

Photo Fabulousness —


Cheetah by Alex Bruce

Bloggy Goodness

In sports or photojournalism, timing can make or break an image (not to mention a photographer’s career.) But have you ever thought about just how hard it is to catch a cat in action? It’s just as tricky. And it’s just as majestic when done properly. Check out these amazing, perfectly-timed cat photos from BuzzFeed partner, My Cat From Hell (which airs Saturdays at 8pm on Animal Planet.)

Video Virtuosity

Best cat video ever. No, really. This is official. People voted and everything.  Henri 2, Paw de Deux took home the Golden Kitty award at this year’s Internet Cat Video Festival (Seriously… it IS a thing.)