Focal Point – Thursday, Sept. 1

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Welcome to September! Summer certainly got out of here in a hurry, didn’t it?

Photo Fabulousness —

A sure sign that summer is winding down is when the CNE comes to Toronto; it wraps up Sept. 6, so get out there and shoot while you still have time!

The Orbiter — By ZensLens from the Vistek Photo and Video Pool on Flickr

Bloggy Goodness — is a blog whose focus is on cultural news and critique.  Here, you’ll find all sorts of inspiration, reviews, links and opinions on every type of media. Last week featured some amazing images showing NYC going from day to night in a single frame with Stephen WilkesDay to Night Series.

Video Virtuosity

24 hours of Neon by Philip Bloom takes us from day to night and back again in a single video. If you’re curious how this was done, Bloom provides a  detailed commentary on his website.