Focal Point: Friday, July 13

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We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, what with trade shows, vacations and all that. But we’re back! And without any further ado, we bring you more Friday Focal Point!

Photo Fabulousness —

Tall grass

Tall Grass by Gary Simmons

Bloggy Goodness

The MeatMarket is the place to connect with the photo industry’s best. It’s not a portfolio site but a community that includes and promotes all the important professions and services needed to make a photo shoot successful.  While it originally launched in Canada two years ago, it has since grown and now seeks the best talent on an international scale.

Video Virtuosity

No Noodles is an adorable stop-motion video featuring small creatures who explore and inhabit an even smaller world.

Film by Tyler Nicolson, music by Chris Adriaanse.