Fujifilm X-Pro3: Dave Bottoms’ Guide to Street Photography (Video)

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Toronto street photographer Dave Bottoms reveals his most valuable pieces of advice for aspiring street or documentary photographers. Shooting with Fujifilm cameras since 2016, Dave takes to the streets of Toronto to shoot and discuss why he thinks the new Fujifilm X-Pro3 is the perfect companion to this artform.

Fujifilm X-Pro3: Dave Bottoms’ Guide to Street Photography

Want to see more of Dave Bottom’s work? You can find his work online via his Instagram account or on his website www.lazyphotographer.ca

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Body – Vistek Canada Product Detail

Something different is here. This camera turns anticipation into reality. The texture of titanium stimulates your senses, while the unique viewfinder prompts discovery and creativity. It brings back the desire to interact with the world through a camera, while attaining an understanding to record it as your own for eternity. The X-Pro3 is the definition of pure photography.