Kyle McDougall: How To Find Ideas & Direction For Photo Projects

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Photographer and cinematographer Kyle McDougall, walks us through the process he uses to help him find ideas and direction for his photo projects in his recent video “How To Find Ideas & Direction For Photo Projects” posted on his YouTube channel.

How To Find Ideas & Direction For Photo Projects | Vlog

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About Kyle McDougall

Kyle McDougall Profile ImageKyle McDougall is a contemporary landscape photographer from Ontario, Canada. His current work is driven by a fascination with society, time, and the ever-changing environments that surround us. He is an advocate of film and creates his images using a wide range of formats—from 35mm to 4×5 large format.

With a desire to help others learn more about the medium, at the start of 2018 Kyle created Analogue—a YouTube video series that focuses on both the craft and technique of film photography. His goal is to provide a resource for enthusiasts of all skill levels that both educates and entertains.

Kyle is also the host and producer of the film photography podcast ‘The Contact Sheet’.

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Cover Image Credit: Kyle McDougall