From Start to Finish – Peter McKinnon’s Video Production Workflow

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Peter McKinnon has arguably one of the hottest photo / video related YouTube channels running right now, offering a ton great of tutorials, equipment reviews and tips and tricks videos.

In fact, Peter’s YouTube channel audience has rocketed to over a million people in less than 9 months due in-part to his unique style and delivery when it comes to providing his incredibly engaging content within the photo / video world.

Peter McKinnon on ProFusion Expo Main Stage

Peter McKinnon in front of a packed audience at ProFusion Expo

In this particular video, Peter walks us step-by-step through his video production workflow, including the equipment he uses, how he lights his studio and post production including his choice of colour-grading software.

So sit back, and watch as Peter guides you through his video production process from start to finish.

Peter McKinnon – How I Make A Video – Start to Finish

Want to learn more about or purchase some of the equipment that Peter mentions in his video? Check out the following links:





If you want to follow Peter online, you can find him on the following social sites:

Instagram: @petermckinnon
Twitter: @petermckinnon
Facebook: @petermckinnonphoto

And finally, special thanks to for originally bringing this video and many other great learning videos to our attention.