Printing Workflow – How to Prepare Film Scans for Print

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Vistek video content creator Kyle McDougall, shares the process he follows to prepare his film scans for print in his recent video “Printing Workflow – How I prepare my film scans for print”, posted on his YouTube channel.

PRINTING WORKFLOW – How I prepare my film scans for print

Products mentioned in video

Monitor Calibration ToolX-Rite i1Display Pro
PrinterCanon Pro 10

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About Kyle McDougall

Kyle McDougall Profile ImageKyle is a filmmaker and photographer based out of the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. He has worked in the industry for over ten years, with the first half of his career spent as a Director of Photography and Lead Editor for two outdoor television shows. Kyle then moved on to co-found a production company creating commercial, corporate, outdoor, and documentary content.

After a short hiatus spent travelling across North America, Kyle returned home to Ontario with the intention of focusing on his true passion—documentary and non-fiction work.

With a love of photography and storytelling, he excels as both a Director and Cinematographer, often wearing both hats during production. His passion for filmmaking has him constantly creating and learning, with the goal of trying to push each production just a little bit further than the last. Kyle is also an established photographer who works solely with 35mm and medium format film.