Focal Point: Friday November 7, 2014 – Reflections

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Photo Fabulousness ——

reflections upon reflections by Photonguy2009 from Vistek’s Photo and Video Pool on Flickr

Online Awesomeness ——

With digital cameras and post-production technologies continuing to advance at a feverish, non-stop pace — few industries have changed as much or as quickly as the photographic industry. As such, the industry finds itself in a strange contradictory situation, with some saying ‘the golden days are over’, while one photographer, Rich Clarkson, says, ‘the best time to be a photographer is now’. Read the full story at Corey Rich’s website here and tell us what you think.

Source: STORY BEHIND THE IMAGE: The Best Time to be a Photographer is Right Now

Video Virtuosity ——

The photo director for National Geographic, David Griffin knows the power of photography to connect us to our world. In a talk filled with glorious images, he talks about how we all use photos to tell our stories.