Walk/Talk Ep. 5: DoP Jeremy Benning on Filming The Expanse TV Series

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In Ep. 5 of our ongoing Walk/Talk web series, we go on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour on the set of Amazon Prime’s epic, filmed in Toronto, Sci-Fi series The Expanse, and talk about what it takes to visualize and capture such expansive worlds with the man behind the camera, Director of Photography Jeremy Benning csc.

WALK/TALK Ep. 5: Jeremy Benning, csc – Views from the top

We talk about what goes into creating, shooting, and lighting such monumentally scaled productions. Jeremy is a masterful cinematographer – often regarded as one of North America’s best. Join us for a behind-the-scenes walk through on the set of Amazon Prime’s popular Sci-Fi series.

Jeremy Benning, CSC: http://jeremybenning.com/

Camera Gear Provided by Vistek Toronto Rentalshttps://www.vistek.ca/rentals/

– Vistek would like to offer a very special thanks to Amazon Prime and Jeremy Benning for allowing us access to the sound stage for an active TV series. This is something the general public is rarely allowed to see and we are deeply honoured. –

About Walk/Talk

Welcome to Walk/Talk. – #REALWALK #REALTALK. A monthly digital series from Vistek that explores photographic and cinematic life in a fast paced, no-holds-barred style. In future episodes we’ll take a walk with some of the image industry’s best and brightest.

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