A jib for every job.

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All productions, from shooting commercials to industrials, motion pictures to weddings, events, and in broadcast studios, they all require different shooting contraptions. And that’s where the EZ Jib from EZ FX comes in. Like the comic-book Transformers, here’s a jib that can, seemingly, transform into any number of configurations and become a custom shooting device. No matter what type of production, the EZ FX Jib can be accessorized to meet the requirement. The EZ FX Jib starts as a compact, portable production jib, but it can extend into a larger event style Jib. Just by adding extensions, remote controls, supports, monitoring accessories, the EZ Jib can be easily customized. Cost effective, user-friendly and versatile are all attributes that set the EZ Jib arm apart from all others. No other camera jib, camera crane, turret, boom arm or camera crane gives you as much versatility.