How the Livestream HD510 can Change the Way you do Business

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Last week, we got into the various products that offer live streaming capability. This week, we’re going a bit more in depth about one specific product – the Livestream HD510 –  a revolutionary solution that can turn even the smallest space into a full-fledged TV studio.

Rarely does such small, portable technology offer such sweeping changes for a business. Check out a video presentation from NAB to get a better idea:

as a case study (we’ll have more about it coming soon), Vistek’s downtown Toronto store is now officially using the Livestream HD510 to push every one of its upcoming seminars live on the web. So whether they’re teaching DSLR Basics or educating pros about a brand new video camera, you can learn all about it from anywhere – and yes, that includes your phone/tablet.

Imagine what technology like this can do for you. From a massive (and growing) collection of professionally-designed, importable graphics, split screen capability, versatile integration of hundreds of different cameras and so much more, this is the solution to take any production to the furthest reaches of your imagination.

To put it simply, the Livestream HD510 is pretty much the kind of tech you saw in movies about the not-to-distant-future – come to life.