Your Weekly POV – Taping a GoPro to a Moving Car.. Tire?

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[Warning: This video may cause nausea and vomiting…enjoy the ride!]

If you’re a curious sort you may have found yourself wondering what it would look like from the wheel of your car whilst travelling at speeds upwards of 40MPH. This cool kind of hypnotic, possibly nausea inducing, video is the result of a mad-cap experiment by video creator Ryan Fox who decided to strap a go pro on his car tire and go for a drive. What did he use to mount it? Duct tape. While this is the type of thing that would make Red Green proud we don’t recommend trying this at home.

We decided to reach out to Ryan to learn more about him and his process.

How did you come up with this idea?

I got the idea when I finally convinced myself to splurge and get a GoPro camera.  I figured OK, you now have this tiny camera that has the capability of taking beautiful images but still be thrown around a bit so let’s think outside of the box with it beyond taking extreme sport footage or using it in water which we already commonly see shared online.  I wanted to do something truly experimental with the camera and test it’s limits visually and physically.

How did you capture the footage?

Simply put I just firmly duct taped it centered on my rim and tested it on a back road at 25mph. Then eventually 45mph and even 65 and realized it wasn’t budging and I was safe to take it into the city. I had an idea while driving around that the footage would look pretty mesmerizing , but was blown away once I got home and watched it on my computer.  I love the unpredictable quality of the beautiful bright lights, definitely very kaleidoscopic.

The footage only took as long as it took to drive around. Now I’ve filmed a lot of times doing this, both at night and in daytime, and I typically just strap it to the car whilst running errands and sometimes I’ll go for an hour long drive up and down brighter looking main drags in downtown Milwaukee, my home

Tell us a bit about yourself and what else you’re working on.

I’m a 29 year old film student entering my senior year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  As for what I’m working on now you can find it all on my vimeo page.  I’ll be shooting a couple shorts this fall as well as continuing to experiment with my GoPro, trying to capture imagery no one has typically seen before.